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Create. Think. Collaborate. Are You Ready?

Online courses ages 8-14

Critical Thinking

Students train in-demand skills like critical thinking, collaboration, creativity and complex problem solving

Personalized Learning

Material and teaching is adjusted to highlight strengths and improve weaknesses

Small Class Sizes

Classes are limited to 4-6 learners per teacher to optimize learning outcomes

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Billionaire’s Invitation

Songwriter's Workshop

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Creatures of the Earth

Think Outside the Box

Why we do what we do

Young people today need to develop skills that will be relevant in tomorrow’s world. Braintrain constructs experientially rich, fun and challenging educational opportunities for young learners, using best practices in structure and pedagogy and delivered by top notch teachers. Learners will develop and improve on a foundation of highly functional skills such as:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity

In our courses, learners will directly train these skills by developing projects and solving complex problems.


“It’s easy to find online courses but hard to find quality ones. My son lit up as soon as he started Billionaire’s Invitation because it was fun and the right amount of challenge. Very happy with the teacher and the types of skills they are trying to build.”
Gisele M
“It was so fun and the teacher was really nice. It was way more fun than school and you can’t daydream or else you might not get the treasure! The puzzles were really hard but we got all of them.”

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Ink, Fangs and Camouflage

Learn about the wild and wacky ways animals have evolved to adapt to their environment through evolution. Then, work to create your own adaptations to help an animal survive in a challenging environment.

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