Braintrain Philosophy

Braintrain Philosophy

Braintrain’s core philosophy is simple: young people today need to develop skills that will be relevant in tomorrow’s world. That means preparing for a future whose pace of change is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. With endless information and immense processing power at their fingertips, they will need to train a core set of skills to set them up for success. Braintrain creates original curricula meant to challenge and train small groups of learners. Challenges directly target 21st century thinking skills like creativity, collaboration and critical thinking. Braintrain ‘ventures’ are nothing but complex problems to be solved – but they are packaged in fun themes to maximize engagement of learners.

Participating in braintrain ventures will improve a young person’s ability to:

  • Evaluate, prioritize and analyze information
  • Understand technology
  • Think critically and creatively
  • Apply logic to evaluate options and make decisions
  • Collaborate with others in a variety of roles, and
  • Solve complex problems

We feel that these skills are essential, and do not simply appear in young people. They must be trained directly, which few school curriculums do. Studies show that the best way to train these skills is to challenge learners at the correct level and pace with fun and interesting multi-dimensional problems. They should collaborate with others in a structured, facilitated way. They should be encouraged to take supported risks and be allowed to fail without consequence. Put simply, braintrain is this philosophy come to life.

With the increasing popularity of online learning and emergence of collaborative technology, there has never been a better opportunity to fulfill our goal of training young people around the world for success.