At braintrain we like to use our quandry videos to enrich our learners experiences. These videos are intended to initiate discussions, broaden their understanding of key concepts, provide “real-life” examples. They facilitate critical thinking, collaboration and creative problem solving. 

Our conductors view the conundrums as launchpads for interactive activities which allow for personalized learning and real time feedback and growth. 

Our instructors think about how to integrate these Quandry videos with learning outcomes and assessment activities and communicate the purpose of watching the videos to the students. They are intended to reinforce the work being done in other parts of braintrain ventures or other online activities. When learners see that how their engagement with these videos connect to their other braintrain activities it moves them toward engaging with the relevant topics more deeply.  

However, they can also be useful as jumping off points for discussions with teachers, between parents and kids and even friends. 

Please feel free to use them and let us know about conclusions. We’d love to hear what you come up with.