Songwriter’s Workshop

Songwriter’s Workshop

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In Songwriter’s Workshop, learners will strengthen their collaborative skills and be challenged creatively as they work together on the shared artistic goal of writing, recording and producing an original song. In this 7-week professionally facilitated venture, groups will learn key elements of songwriting, composition, recording and production. They will be challenged to make key decisions together during the creative process. Will the genre be hip-hop? Pop? Jazz? What about the theme and lyrics? Upbeat or ballad? Learners will be encouraged to bring their own unique perspectives and preferences to each discussion, listen respectfully to others, learn from one another and make decisions together. Once the song is written, the conductor will guide them through the production process with each learner providing a performance for the final recording. There is plenty of opportunity for those with little or no experience whether it’s singing in the chorus or playing a simple instrument made of household items. Learners can expect to work on the project between sessions. In the last session, learners can invite their family/friends to the official world premiere presentation of their song and will be provided a copy, along with a video report from each about their creative journey. This venture is a fun and engaging experience suitable for all levels of music knowledge from complete beginner to practiced musician. Songwriter’s Workshop is led by award-winning composer and educator Omar Shahryar.


Course Details

 Meets: Once per week for 7 weeks via Zoom
 Time Commitment: 25-30 hours
 Skills Trained: Collaboration and Creativity
 Maximum Class Size: 8
 Requirements: Laptop or computer, pen and paper          Recommended: Garageband (free) software or similar  Experience Level: Suitable for all                                      Price: US$250

  1. Communicate and work with others to explore options and make decisions based on group consensus
  2. Listen attentively to the thoughts and ideas of others with an open mind
  1. Receive and apply thoughtful feedback from their peers
  2. Work with others to achieve a common objective as a group
  1. Use ingenuity and imagination to think outside conventional boundaries
  2. Turn unique perspectives, ideas and experiences into tangible contributions to project/solution
  3. Evaluate quality of different ideas
  4. Work through a process to shape a creative theme/concept into a final product