Teacher Guidelines

Teacher Guidelines

Teacher guidelines 

Welcome to braintrain! No doubt you share our goal of providing a professional, enjoyable and productive service to our learner – one that will help prepare them for their future challenges and endeavours. As such we have high professional standards for our teachers to ensure a positive experience for all. Below are some basic expectations for all teachers.


Our basic professional expectation is that you: 

  • be prepared;
  • begin and end classes on time;
  • ensure a professional video setup (lighting, camera, background);
  • adhere to class content;
  • create a safe and welcoming space for learners and their families;
  • remain thoughtful and professional online including on social media;
  • respond promptly to any questions and requests; 
  • approach potentially controversial topics with objectivity but also with sensitivity to different viewpoints (ie. politics, religion);
  • communicate in a professional manner, both in messages and in-class
  • and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.


Classroom Safety Basics

As the teacher, you should be present and supervising your classes at all times. Please make sure you are able to be at your computer for the entire time that your live class is running.


Please ensure that all learners have their video enabled unless if disabling video is part of a specific class activity. If you’ve never before seen a learner on video and they’re unable or unwilling to enable their video, please gently explain braintrain’s policy and if they refuse to comply remove them from class. This is to ensure class privacy and safety.


Learner behavior

It is the teacher’s responsibility to address learner behavior as part of classroom management, and to ensure a safe and welcoming environment for all learners.


We ask that you share any concerning incidents with us and we will work with you to resolve the issue. That may involve helping to contact the learner’s parents, or helping you decide how to proceed.


If a learner’s behaviour proves disruptive to the rest of the class even after interventions, as a teacher you have the autonomy to decide whether to remove them from the class. 


Learner privacy

As a braintrain teacher, you are also responsible for maintaining learner privacy online. As a general rule, you shouldn’t reveal or encourage learners to reveal any personal information about an individual learner or a learner’s family. Personal information can include, but is not limited to, a learner’s full name, birthdate, personal email address, address, or phone number. Asking learners to share their location at the country, state, or city level can be done provided you give them an option to decline if they prefer not to. 


In addition to not sharing personal information about your learners, you also should not share any private information about your classes outside of class. This includes learner voices (audio), first names or faces. For example, you shouldn’t share a photo or video of you interacting with your learners on your social media page.


If you would like to share any completed work, such as a learner essay or art project, you will need to first obtain parental permission in writing. 


Since classes are recorded, it is also important to protect learner privacy on the screen. In cases where learners have revealed personal information or otherwise breached their privacy on camera, you should turn off their camera so that it is not captured by other learners. You can then send the learner a private chat to let them know what is in view of their camera without disrupting the class further. 


Exchanging contact information

In general, you should keep all communication [in class and follow up messages].


Learners may want to keep in touch with their classmates after your class ends and may ask to exchange contact information. In order to protect learner privacy and continue to ensure they have a safe experience, parents should give consent before learners share this information with each other. 


Note that we also ask you not to share your personal contact information with parents or learners.


Attendance, substitutes and guest speakers

All braintrain classes are intended to be held at their originally advertised dates, times and with the same teacher. This is because since many sessions in a class build upon each other, substituting teachers can lead to an inferior experience. We do understand, however, that emergencies can occasionally arise preventing you from teaching your class. 


Thank you for representing braintrain with the highest standards to our valued learners and parents. It is our hope that together we will connect and provide meaningful teaching moments to learners from diverse backgrounds in a respectful and enjoyable way.


With respect,


Braintrain Management